Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thanks for Giving?

SIRREENE! Uh oh! What is it Mom? I am wondering where we are dining tomorrow. Mom, I haven’t heard from you in awhile, that's unlike you. Usually you're contantly bothering me. Well Sirreene I’ve been right here. You’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to catch you not moving. You’re like a chipmunk storing nuts for the winter. I've been standing idly by waiting for your cheeks to explode. Thanks Mom. You know I hate winter. Nice to see you and why do you care about dinner you know that we don't need to set a place for you. You can't eat. You're de.. Of course I know Sirreene, so where are we having dinner? Nevermind that ma, remember the man I met on the airplane, The Devastator? Of course I remember, I just chose not to comment about that Sirreene. Why not Mom? You keep telling me you want me to meet someone, right? Not like that Sirreene. That type of behavior is inexcusable. Sometimes I think you do things just to upset me. That’s why I chose not to say anything. That type of behavior...well, that kills me! But Mom, you’re already de….Sirreene, what happened to that nice Amish man? I fell asleep in his buggy Mom, he was SO BORING and when I awakened it was a different century, people were driving cars, some of us were actually driving hybrids which use something called Electricity... So anyway Mom, The Devastator is flying to the Vegetable State to see his family for Thanksgiving and he'll be spending the week and I plan to see him but there is something you probably don’t know about him that may shock you. But I didn’t know until after we got off the plane. Nothing you can say shocks me Sirreene. This may Mom. You see he’s a…but I had no idea until later. He handed me his card and it wasn’t until I read it and then spoke with him that he confirmed it. WHAT IS IT SIRREENE? Well, again, I didn’t know. How could I? He looked regular, you know what I mean. And I am not a young boy. Sirreene? Well he’s a …Tell me already, is he a woman? Mom, you’d probably prefer that. No, he’s not a woman. Is he married, Sirreene? Mom, you know I don’t fool around with married men. He’s the only one in his family not married, and there is a good reason for that. You see he’s a….he’s a….
He’s a Priest, mom.
I think she’s finally gone! I’ll visit you this weekend Mom, it's been awhile since I've visited your grave. I hope I'll find you resting in peace.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

and No Work tomorrow so don't forget to GO OUT TONIGHT!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Final Chapter

So dinner with the Paperback Writer... I do not cook often. I can cook. Anyone can. If you can read and follow a recipe and can be a bit creative you can cook. I prepared a beautiful meal. I had the ipod play list all set with music for the car, music for appetizers, the meal and onward. I even printed a menu of the evening’s delights. It was interesting. I had told him it would be BYOB. My home always is. And when I picked him up he had his libations in hand. During the various courses of the evening he told me he would be buying a car soon. I calculated his time on a bike, it complied with what would be the term of a DUI in our state. He never said he got one. This had been my assumption. If you never read my post Half Naked? I understand one not coming completely clean about certain details of their past when they first meet someone. Whether he is not driving because of a DUI or because as he initially told me he got rid of his car because George Bush is president is irrelevant. Most of the people that I know that have gotten DUI's are not alcoholic. He said he wanted to take things slowly, so I too have had time to observe. He is bright, articulate, good looking and since things have moved SO slowly I have taken notice. By this time what I do know is that he drinks too much for me to become involved with him on any serious level. I have spent many fun evenings over at his home and he is often somewhat impaired, and then there are the empties all over. So we chatted, laughed, enjoyed a great meal and then we sat on the sofa and the tipsy paperback writer pulled me in close for a kiss and asked what was on the menu for dessert...and I told him I’d already had mine and it was time for me to take him home.

Friday, November 18, 2005

New Chapter?

Somebody recently asked me what is going on with the Paperback Writer. We have continued to see one another. Though things for me have changed. In a previous post I nonchalantly commented on the Paperback writer’s need to get to know me slowly that maybe he wants to “observe me”. At the time I had thought of my comment as jokingly. Now I question that because on my recent vacation I had time to read what for me was the third of his paperbacks. What made this different from the previous two was that in this novel the protagonist was a female…. since that time of several weeks ago I have been wondering about my nonchalant comment. I am wondering about the time when we went out to hear his friends in a band play and some guy was trying to pick me up and the paperback writer kept standing back and watching, he seemed to find the incident amusing but he also seemed to continue to stand aside and allow the other man to continually approach me and he just seemed to take notes?…and other such similar incidents. Or maybe I am just reading too much into it. I do know that he drinks alot. And this is a Red flag. So he wanted to take things slow. This has worked. I have been enjoying the company of an attractive, articulate man with no furniture or car...I know that I certainly have been more close mouthed with him in the last few weeks since reading that book. Anyway this upcoming weekend as Tree and Fern must spend time with their father I am having the Paperback writer over to my home. He has never been over before. I will be picking him up (as you recall he doesn’t have a car) and get this COOKING! Practicing for Thanksgiving...and I will be seeing the DOG (disguished older gentleman) again. What does the photo have to do with this? Um...Nothing at all.
So it should be an interesting weekend on all counts. Have fun. Be safe. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Race for the Cure

Ugh, it’s November. After Labor Day the only holiday that I look forward to is St. Patrick's Day and that is because shortly after St. Patty's Day it will be springtime once again. Those that know me are aware that I dislike the cold weather. I could do without the change of seasons altogether if the temperatures would remain HOT. That would make me very serene. I could just keep floating along. But alas the Vegetable State suffers through the change of seasons… and I suffer along with the trees as they lose their leaves. The question is how to cope through the long, cold winter. It's too cold for HNT's. Too cold to attend free Eagles games unless I am given box seats. Hibernation is one route. I have not as yet pulled out the electric blanket and hunkered down under the comforter for the season. Last winter I didn’t do well. Dr. Joel is warming up his sofa right now. I haven’t had the need to see him since the spring flowers came out. Honestly, with my stories and the way he gets to reenact them with his wife, nightly after he sees me, I think he should pay me for the entertainment. The winter prior to that I managed to sneak off to a tropical island paradise while I was recuperating from a major illness so I didn’t have to suffer through the cold. I have pulled out my passport for a hasty retreat but I don’t think dick, my employer, would allow me to get away with that again.
My cast of Usual Suspects, including the Paperback Writer, whom at sometime I will update you on, that presently entertain my evenings aren’t going to get me to come out from under my covers this winter. I will continue my routine of the gym and library but all else comes to a halt. I am interviewing an interesting new prospect, the Drill Sergeant this weekend. The Drill Sergeant, so named because he teaches at the gym and screams incessantly throughout the 90 minute classes he teaches. I find him incredibly funny and of course he's got quite the body. He came from Philly to substitute teach for one my powerstep classes. After class I approached him and asked him if he talks that much in bed. He replied that he'd take me out for dinner and discuss it with me... Possibly he’s UP for the job of keeping me out of hibernation. However, my attention span is awfully short… any alternative suggestions for dealing with the winter doldrums ? ~ I am open to advise.
that said, I'll be busy drilling the Sergeant this weekend or is that visa versa?
Have fun, be safe, don't do anything I wouldn't!

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