Friday, March 24, 2006

Rodent Club

Everyone come on and

Sing Along Here!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Up and Away!

We LOVED the seven stomach churning inversions including the two vertical loops, a cobra roll, a zero-G roll and two barrel rolls. This is called The Hulk. Ride Facts Height: 110 feet First Drop: 105 feet Top Speed: 67 mph Length: 3,700 feet Complaints: Not LONG ENOUGH! My children have outgrown Disney (and I hear they have rodents there!) so we did Universal's Islands of Adventures which has the largest roller coasters for more adventurous riders like us! Why do people like coasters so much? All of the thrill and none of the risk, so they say. You can try your hand at designing your own roller coaster here. I had a ball on St. Patrick's Eve. I went out in Orlando and was treated to some rather strange visuals. Hmm, met some new and interesting people...more FUN! The time spent with my extended family was oddly enough FUN! Airplane travel was exceptionally easy ~ all in all ~ a Great time!
Now it is back to this floating planetary space, NJ or whatever....

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Since early September and the passing of Labor Day the one holiday that I long for over the long cold winter is finally arriving. I am taking my children south for a few days to celebrate my very favorite holiday ~ St. Patricks Day with the rodents. We have a special car reserved for us. We leave before sunrise on Friday, count down time to sensory overload. We have parties to attend so our free time is limited. Which is your favorite theme park? ~ We're all ears!

Monday, March 06, 2006

and the award goes to...

The person who most deserved it. For many years when spoken to I reacted. In my aged wisdom I have come to learn that I need not respond. Sometimes not acting is the best act of all. It is about acceptance and letting go. The response, silence. The award goes to ME.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

In Like a Lion

Shoot, March has begun and true to tradition it has come in like a lion. I have previously said that after Labor Day the only holiday I look forward to is on March 17th and that would be St. Patrick's Day. Because if you've managed to survive the long winter thus far you can hang on a couple of weeks cause Spring is just a short melt down away.
On another note I am completely appalled that a twelve year old on a school trip to the Detroit Museum of Art would take a piece of gum from their mouth and dispose of it upon a painting. After reading this quote "Even though we give very strict guidelines on proper behavior and we hold students to high standards, he is only 12 and I don't think he understood the ramifications of what he did before it happened, but he certainly understands the severity of it now," said Kildee, I felt compelled to write to the school. As the parent of both a 16 and 12 year old, my children KNOW this type of behavior is inexcusable (unless the child is challenged). Who is this Kildee person making excuses for a 12 year old? Are the parents responsible for repairing the 1.5 million dollar painting which suffered quarter sized damage from the gum spot because they didn't properly teach their child how to behave? I stand by my conviction here. A twelve year old knows that gum goes in the trash and needs to be held responsible for their actions.

And for the rest of you who still have snowy days ahead, have a few balls on me!

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