Friday, June 30, 2006

Holiday Weak ends

Hey Now, get this, I have had some work done on my house, new closets with built-ins so I did a bit of house cleaning and threw away some stuff and when I took out the trash last night I noticed that my garbage had been stolen. Yep, the night before I had asked my son, Tree, to clean out a closet that was filled with old basketballs. I took armloads of basketballs to the curb the prior night and last night when I took out the kitchen trash they were gone. EVERYTHING was....

OOOOOH, AHHH, a nice long weekend for me. What to do? besides getting new treads for the Hybrid? Definately a shore forecast which means time to get out on the new boat, so time on the salt water and then time to slow down on the cedar lake in the kayak without a motor... and maybe some..... Skinny dipping?. Whatever you do ~ have fun and Be Safe!

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