Monday, July 10, 2006

Fishing for Compliments

There are 86 acres of land that my Township has marked to be left undeveloped across from where I live. Often this past winter I would see trucks pulling in there and it seemed as though men were taking out fishing rods even though there is no water on this land. I would drive by and wonder exactly what is going on. So recently I drove in and saw for myself. It seems that groups of men get together on this barren farmland and see how far out they can throw their fishing lines and then they measure the distance. Sometimes they even have contests and trucks come from all around. They are even out there this time of year, not just the winter... when they can actually go out to the ocean or a real lake across the road and actually fish. (Someone want to explain this to me?) I know in Brokeback Mountain the man had no explaination for not catching fish. Neither do these men. There is no water. I guess this is a guy thing? How long is my line....
Anyhow Bellydancing begins again this week. I guess there is no accounting for what one thinks of as
Like the kids say "whatever" just keep having it!

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