Friday, July 14, 2006

Tell Me NOT

Does anyone know the Secret? Would I really want to know? I know I am never going to write that interesting book. I told Dr. Joel, my shrink that this week. I told him he's way too classic a shrink. He isn't as interesting as Augusten Burroughs (author of Running with Scissors - soon to be a Major MOTION PICTURE - on my birthday of all days) shrink. Nope, boring. Though I am not sure I could handle a doc who judges the day by how one's stool is looking. I will just have to have to come to terms that after a year of blogging and trying to balance it is time for me to work on my thesis and that is that. The secret? For me it is accepting that I will never know and being perfectly ok with not having the answers.
Have a fun and safe weekend!

For all those heroes who manage to posts HNT weekly!

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