Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Plan B

See my HNT here! When you were small did you have BIG plans for when you grew up? Did you think you'd be famous or discover something amazing only to find yourself as an adult having a normal somewhat uninspired life? Life doesn't always go according to plan A. You have to be flexible. I didn't expect weekly roadtrips of 400 miles to become part of my routine at this juncture in my life but they now are. Sometimes when we think we know where we are going we suddenly need to gain more flexibility since we find our paths are not direct. Life is a seesaw. I find I have less time for myself when I should realistically have more but as adults we can expect to have new responsibilities thrown our way which we must lovingly embrace. Why are we here if not to be in service to others? This is the ultimate plan ~ to be of service to others. When you're called upon, accept the challenge with grace. It will change your route, possibly make it longer and more difficult, but it will broaden your outlook on life.

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